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Hi, my name is Joe Wilson.  Most people call me “Lil Joe”.

I have been fishing since I can remember.  From small farm ponds,creeks, rivers and eventually lakes all around the world.  Being retired military, I’ve had the opportunity to fish all waters imaginable around the world.

The passion I had for fishing led me to joining and fishing with local Bass Clubs, then onto competitive Bass Circuits.  I truly enjoyed fishing the circuits, especially since I had the opportunity most folks haven’t experienced.  I was able to fish at the circuit level competitively with my youngest son for many years.  That was a real blessing.

So how did I get from fresh water to salt water fishing?  A very close friend, and former fishing partner named Kyle kept telling me, “if you ever tried bay fishing, you would never go back to this bass fishing”.  Of course I just chuckled at such nonsense.  Then my youngest son said to me, “hey dad, let’s head down to fish pass, camp out and do some fishing”.  Well, after hooking into my first Red Fish, there was no turning back.  I will never forget that first one.  The fight, the deep blue sky, slight breeze out of the southeast removing the sweat from my brow.  The wildlife constantly surrounding me.  Well let’s just say I thought I was in heaven.   Pure serenity and relaxation.

From time to time I do miss the thrill that competitive tournament fishing provided, however I will tell you what is much more fulfilling than that.  Having the opportunity to teach a young boy or girl how to cast a fishing pole, and the beaming smile they have when the cast actually goes the direction they intended, and further that 20 feet.  Then when that first big red or trout hammers their line, they are so excited, scared all at the same time, then when the fish is in the net, nothing but pure joy is on the boat.  Now nothing beats that experience, nothing.

Sharing the outdoor experience has become my passion.  From taking off from the dock at daybreak to returning to the dock, I enjoy showing people what the Lord has blessed us with.  Experiencing nature first hand. From the first time fishing trip, to the experienced angler, I look forward to the opportunity of sharing my passion with you.

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